Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bengaluru Unites

Dear Citizens of Free India,

Are you angry and disgusted with the attacks on women in Mangalore?
Are you upset that hooligans are trying to dictate what you can or cannot do?
Are you aghast that Indian culture is being misused to curb your freedom and choices?
Do you want to do something about this?
Do you want to send a message that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!?


Come out of your college or office or wherever you are at 1:30 pm on Thursday, February 12, 2009

Join hands in protest
Raise slogans:

We will gather together without representing organizations or political parties, without disrupting traffic or normal life—we will gather as free citizens expressing our anguish about the attacks on our fundamental rights.

Freedom of Expression is enshrined in our Constitution.
Freedom to Assemble is enshrined in our Constitution.
Let’s make these freedoms come alive!
Before they disappear, right in front of our eyes.

Come, show Bengaluru and India what YOU can do!

Dr. Rajeev Gowda

(Professor, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and political activist. I am issuing this call in my personal capacity).

We need volunteers to help people gather at different hubs in Bengaluru on Thursday, Feb 12. Please fill out the form by following the 'VOLUNTEER FORM' link on the right. It will help us organize these protests better.

Please write to us with your suggestions to

Updates on Locations, other FAQs etc. coming up shortly.


  1. Hello Dr.Rajeev Gowda,
    I appreciate your initiative to call the citizens of India to realise their freedom. I strongly agree with you Sir. Freedom shuold not be curtailed in the name of 'culture'. I wonder why the ram sena doesn't even have the sense that how much respect we give to women in our country.
    I live in US, I get scared when I hear any news like this.
    Jai Hind

  2. I admire you for this effort you have undertaken. I'm sure you will have many supporters turning up on Feb 12th. I'm in the US, so cannot be there, but will try to spread the word.


  3. It is very sad to see goons take the name of "Indian culture" to do crazy things. When did Indian culture say beat women and treat them like animals? They are using religion for the wrong purposes. I think we all are responsible for bringing parties that talk about religion and divide people based on religion, to power. This should stop. Thank you Professor, for taking this wonderful initiative.

  4. Very good work guys. we need to stand united with this goondaism in the name of religion and culture. We can surely outcast them in numbers if we stand united and maintain harmony and integrity. Ram sena activists should be made to sweep roads and clean drainages if they really want to make a change in the society then they should carry the ideology of peace, removing poverty, feeding poors, opening good institutions for employment. People will judge you on what you create not what u destroy

  5. My heart goes out to you in this effort. I do not live in India but I extend my full support to this cause and will do my best to spread the word. This is exactly what I think is needed. Let us show these uneducated goons that the thinking, freedom loving and working class of India is also united, also has its own voice! Jai Hind!

  6. Dear Dr. Gowda,

    Thankz so much that my beloved country still has sane people. Your act is commendable. what that moron (Muthalik) is pontificating is an abject lie. I have been a Hindu all my life. And such bizarre act in the name of Hindutav is abhorring and deplorable. India is a country where --yatra narayatsu poojente ramente tatra devah-- women are respected there gods rejoice (manu simtri), so, his act is not only of a barbarian but also non Hindu. where was he when Bombay was burning and earlier when IISC was attacked? What happened to their Hindutav then? Such heinous acts are appalling and just try to break the peaceful intent of innocent folks.

  7. I am happy to see some sane people left in karnataka..Challenge that guy Muthalik to a debate. He cannot stand against any of us. He is a illiterate uneducated fool who wants to be a politician. I am sorry that i wont be able to make it to the demonstration as I am in US now. But I have shot off letters to CM and BJP headquarters asking them to stop this guy.
    India is suffering from hunger, most of the people dont have proper sanitation. If they want to further India, they should try to correct that first. Who are they to restrict other people. Thats why i keep telling everybody. India is a pseudo democracy run by a bunch of rowdies.

  8. Hi, I am from Pune and I pay my best regards and wishes to this kind of act. The whole India is one and one cannot divide the country on the basis of religion or caste. I think now is the time of youth to do something and eliminate this disease from India.

  9. Hi, I am from Mangalore and I really appreciate the initiative that the organizers of this protest are taking. I hope the whole country stands united against all forms of moral policing. I hope that through this campaign message goes out to each and everyone that "Indian Culture" is not what morons like Muthalik stand for. "Unity in diversity", "Respect one another" is what Indian Culture is all about. I wish the organizers of this protest all the very best.

  10. Hi,

    I am from Mumbai and I support your cause this wholeheartedly. Unless we stand up now, it will be too late and numerous fringe groups will spring up like weeds, trying to curb our freedom in name of all kinds of filmsy pretexts. People like Muthalik need to be told that they can not talbanise Hindus. As Hindu I reject anybody forcing his/her version of hinduism or culture on me and as Indian, I have all the freedom which constitution gives me.

    People like Muthalik need to be shown thier place now.

  11. As a Mangalorean I am distressed by the recent happenings. Mangalore was characterized by its multi-lingual multi-religious and multiculture plural society where acceptance and tolerance came to the people naturally. It is shocking to see that the harmonious and liberal environment has been vitiated by these goons. Rise of intolerance in this part of the country runs parallel to the rise of BJP. This cannot be a mere coincidence.

    The statements emanating from CM and his Home Minister make it clear that the present government has no intention of punishing the culprits or of making serious efforts to nip in the bud the Talibanisation of the coastal districts. Does the CM have any evidence when he says that all this is the handiwork of opposition to tarnish the image of his party and government? If he has, why does he not proceed against them legally and also make public the evidence? I hope that the people of Karnataka will not be fooled by such statements by the CM and HM.

    I whole heartedly support the action proposed by the group led by Dr. Gowda. Hope his efforts will sensitise the citizens to act as the government has done little.


  12. I believe we should question the attacks on religious minorities as well... this is an opportunity for everybody to unite.

  13. I am so glad someone took the initiative. I am really proud we still have independent people standing up for right. I am in the US, so will not be able to be join. But I am gonna send this blog to all my cousins in college. I hope it works for the best. God Bless you !!

  14. I'm traveling and will not be able to participate myself, but will do my bit to spread the word around.

    We don't want any more of those "I've a stick up my ass" senas in our country.

  15. Hi Rajeev,

    Please keep the irresponsible media away from this event. I think they are more dangerous than all these sena's.

  16. The Home minister needs to resign. He does not know what is his duty.

    India is a free nation and no sena or party has any right to hold any privacy of an individual.

    Send these sena's to Pakistan or Afghanistan, if they have guts let them fight for India.
    We should not let India become another Pakistan will all the internal fights

  17. Hopefully this results in a good successful political career for Prof. Gowda, we believe that you would at least be a responsible politician.

  18. Being a Mangalorean and having the seen the incident closely, I do regret the happening. But the issue that the media and the people like you have made about this is pretty huge. Please spend your time in other activities, something worthy, which will help the nation instead of these bakwaas things.

  19. Hi Sir,

    Hi Sir,

    Thanks for your support and concern on women. Feeling so happy that professor like you have taken an initiative in your busy schedule. Hope your program gets the huge success. I will join hand with you sir.

  20. Being a woman and an Indian I was absoultely disgusted when I heard of the attacks in Mangalore. We live in a free country and no one has the right to dictate terms to us and beat women taking the name of culture. I also believe that incidents like these and those behind the same should be curbed at the earliest.But its wonderful and inspiring to know that there are people like you who are standing up against these culprits and as citizens we must all lend our support.

  21. Thanks for the Move.India is one and will not bow to Fascist Forces.Coward, Immoral and Characterless people are trying to molest Our beloved sisters in the name of so called Indian Heritage.DOWN WITH THESE BLACKSHEEPS OF OUR MOTHER LAND.

    Raktim Mukhopadhyay

  22. Thank you for this great effort. This is the country of KOnark and Khujaraho, they should tear that down before talking of 'Indian culture'.
    Indian culture is the culture of Kabeer, Bulleh Shah and Nanak. not these wannabe "Hindu" Talibans, who dont know ABC of HInduism..Perhaps they should ask Jalauddin Muhammad Akbar, who protected Tulsidas- when he created the Ram-ayana, in whose name they fight.
    A multicultural, Hindu-Muslim born, Indian woman. (a child of Kabeer, Nanak and Bulla)

  23. Rajeev:

    This is all very well but I'm curious as to how much of your concern stems from the fact that these guys are your political opponents ?? V-Day will come and go but dirty politicians will always stay so how do you plan on combating that ?? Holding a demonstration, exhorting people to vote, observe a moment of silence ?? What do you have in mind for the larger carcinomas that afflict India ??

    In the absence of any substantial ideas or initiative you will only end up looking like a attention hungry pollie, who's always on Page 3.

  24. This is wonderful! More power and energies to the campaign. I will be there.

  25. Awesome Initiative. Kudos. I wont be there since I dont live in India now. I wish I could be there to support this. I will spread this to all my friends in India.

  26. Go for it! I wish I was back home in Bangalore to be able to join you guys. Thank you for doing this, thank you so much!

  27. I am a woman who was first brutally assaulted, in public, in Bangalore by two people - one of them a woman . During the hell of running to police stations to report the crime and attempt to get justice ( HAH), I was beaten again by the woman police office inside the police station. She refused to give me her name.

    The update is that I have spent money on a criminal lawyer, filed a criminal case ( for what it's worth) and still have no FIR.

    It's been well over a year; I have scars on my body and all I can say is:

    I wish I had mass support like this to highlight what being an urban woman in Bangalore means.

    The hysterical media is so off-putting, and the real fear of offending those who are supposed to mete out justice, is more powerful unfortunately than the desire to see the criminal case through.

    It's an exhausting , lonely, dark journey with NO light at the end of the tunnel, I have to tell you

  28. Hi,
    A great initiative Dr Rajeev Gowda but is one day enough, we shouldn't waste time with these
    rallies,these kind will continue to cause problems any way, instead we should invite those morons and try to teach them something about our religon if not force them to do community service!if they really want to
    help our country.

  29. Why the same initiative was not started when terrorists attacked bengalooru.. With some real social concern you should have started initiative to ban liquor from state, or being economics professor, start some initiative to help people who are loosing jobs in this recession period.. don't do politics.


  30. Great move and we need to teach these guys what true culture is. Absolute hooligans teaching us our culture... we the people of this great land and society will determine what our culture is not hooligans.
    In solidarity

  31. Well..I think these protests are good but they are not aggressive enough to scare the hooligans(they don't need words they need to see some action). Rather I suggest, let's do something.
    This Saturday is Valentine's Day and am almost sure that they are going to create chaos and all bullshit stuff which they thing is 'Indian Culture'. Let's form some teams and be present in 'expected' locations and fight them straight. Believe me, even if we cover a single area, we can reduce their confidence by a good extent. If teams are going to be formed, I'm game!Just let me know..

  32. @Girish, the same initiative was not started when Bangalore was attacked by terrorists because we can do nothing about that..we cannot fight terrorists until we have power or some good idea on how to fight them and how to find them!
    But this is something WE CAN DO! we can not let some bullshit keep happening when we know that who is doing it!
    Of course, this is one of the lot many things to take up, and that's why we took this up! Nobody stops anybody from doing anything else which is worth doing!

  33. This is a great initiative and am very glad that people are socially conscious to take it up. I reside in Hyderabad currently but will definiely spread the word around.

  34. Hello Professor,
    I totally agree to this protest. It is a great initiative and more people should join this protest. I being in the US will try to spread the word... Once again.... Great work Sir.

  35. Great work professor .. every one on bangalore & india should wake up and protest against these lunatic elements in the society .. can you print and photos and names of those who hit the girls ...we will send them chappals along with chaddis...shame on them

  36. While i totally support this initiative, i am yet to understand what it is exactly that we intend to achieve by this. What is our aim? What are our demands? Or are we just collecting for a group photo on TOI?
    We take to the streets, hold candles, shout slogans and then go home and pat ourselves on our backs thinking we've done our bit. But on a more pragmatic level, i want to see RESULTS. And i want to know exactly what will lending my vocal chords here *achieve* ?
    Please do let me know and you shall have my support.

  37. even though i am physically in delhi we all are with you and the people of bangalore

  38. We just 20 minutes ago dispersed from Mount Carmel COllege, has gathering of around 2 girls from Mount Carmel. I reached their with about 10 colleagues of mine and it went on successfully. Great job guys. This is exactly the way we need to proceed. Peacefully but making a point.

  39. We just 20 minutes ago dispersed from Mount Carmel COllege, had gathering of around 2oo girls from Mount Carmel. I reached their with about 10 colleagues of mine and it went on successfully. Great job guys. This is exactly the way we need to proceed. Peacefully but making a point.

  40. Media coverage of the Mangalore pub attack has left me puzzled.When it comes to our children/sisters/wifes,we want them to refrain from drinks,drugs,sex and pubs,but when it comes to others children/sis/wifes,we stop shy of correcting them.Would the Union Minister for Women’s Welfare,Who vociferuosly condemned the mangalore incident,appreciate her children indulging in such activities? The pub culture does not reflect the prgress of our nation.India will Shine only by retaining its Culture and Tradition,and not by imitating the West….

    I am not favour of the idea.In the name of fashion & trying to be bold,girls/boys nowdays try to imitate hollywood stars.In fact the so-called modern look is an invitation to trouble.People should realise the defference between being fashionable and indecency.

    There is no harm in being modern,but one should keep in mind the culture that the majority of the population follows.The pink Chaddi campaign is an attempt to paint the picture of indian women as ultra-modern,which is far from reality.Therefore,it is consider as a useless idea from a crap mind…

    well when saffron comes all stand in front of them like mouse becomes tiger but when green ppl comes all tiger becomes mouse.... and no one dare to start a single blog against them(simi group and their political party supporters) SHAME ON you poor dirty fatu blood

    P.S- its or internal prob dont allow others to take benefit of this chaddi campaign was started by some christian bloggers..BEWARE the divide and rulz plan